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If darkness is what someone needs to ease their heartache, I can do that.

If darkness is what someone needs to ease their heartache, I can do that.



Through her blog, The Witch & Walnut, Canada's Slavic Witch offers up Eastern European folk magic for the modern world. Always happy to initiate you into the do's and don'ts of unethically spell binding your co-workers, repelling hauntings with common house plants, or training ravens to do your bidding, she nevertheless warns "When you nudge the universe, it will nudge back. And the universe has a good sense of humor that you may not find funny."  She graciously gave MagiciansHouse a peek inside her world.



The Slavic Witch: I've been thinking about how I would describe my creative process and what goes through my witch brain.

I am a Witch.  I wake up a Witch.  I live like a Witch, think like a Witch.  Although I am not a typical Witch. I do not honor deities or Gods nor am I a Wiccan.  I simply rely on the Earth, nature, energies and the balance of female and male energy around me.  


As a Witch I understand the balance of "positive & negative".  You cannot have one without the other.  I live in light and darkness because I am both.  I don't believe that its about being good or bad, its about striking a balance in your life in the moments that require it the most.  I live with love and disdain because I feel both.  And so does nature and the energies around me.


My craft is honed from a young age and guided by intuition.  My heart and emotions inspire some of my creativity.  Along with what others require of me on a public level.

People crave love and light and if I can help, why not?  I can give them light and ease their hearts.  Its a lot easier to be positive, and I strive for that daily myself.

Its also important not to be blinded by the light.  

Try and see the actual truth around you.  So if darkness is what someone needs to ease their heartache, I can do that.  That would be their actually "light" and my honor to help.


 I cannot look at a rose and think only of its beauty and love without acknowledging the thorns. This concept is always on my mind... looking for the thorns.  I do not always "seek" darkness; I respect that it is always there.

Those who know me personally know that I will not shy away from laying a curse upon the wind.  Cause fuck it, its one life and sometimes it is worth it.... As a Witch, that's a wager you are always willing to bet on.  Which is yourself! 

As the saying goes.. You are born alone, stand alone and die alone. You will have people along the way. But only you alone, will be asked to answer for your actions. Bring it on...

images from @witch_nextdoor

images from @witch_nextdoor

The Slavic Witch takes questions and offers free consultations at her blog  https://thewitchandwalnut.wordpress.com/

She tweets at  https://mobile.twitter.com/witch_nextdoor

Corsair: Haunted, ancient and bleak.

Corsair: Haunted, ancient and bleak.

Boom Stick Bedazzler

Boom Stick Bedazzler