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Howdy, Strangers.

Howdy, Strangers.

Howdy Strangers, 

It's your good-time gal, MagiciansHouse.   You've seen me lurking around the internet for a few years now and finally comes the moment for us to hew out a space and lay down some roots. 

Disregard that it's a catastrophic season to be doing so as my days and nights are blurred with villainy and comics production, a Kickstarter project blasting off next week, and an almost assured career-endingly poor taste mini comic out next month.

So why am I launching the blog at such an ill-advised juncture?  Because Daddy, I want an Oompa Loompa NOW. 

It's good to see you here.  Well, good in a relative sort of way, because I'm not 100% sure that we're going to like one another.  Oh, don't fret, it isn't you.  It's just that I'm a bit of a cunt.

In respect and appreciation for you early adopters I've put a micro print run of signed, numbered and individualized images selected from my past year in the Shop.  Try to get them while you can.  Or don't, I'm not twisting your damn arm.

This week on the Comix Voodoo Hayride, 

I had the absolute pleasure of talking to horror director Patrick Horvath about his creative process and what pushes him to create his brain-melting art.  I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that he is achingly congenial and the most accommodating person with whom I've ever dealt.  He's an A+ human being and we're all better off by having him around.  Other than film work, he shares arrestingly original artwork on all his social media outlets.  His illustrations give me the faded panic sensation of flitting your eyes about in an emergency room waiting area.  Top notch.  Highest possible recommendation.  


 I also had a fascinating conversation with Seattle's most brutal tattoo artist Ryan P. about coming up hard in pursuit of the craft.  I thought drawing comics was tough.  Try drawing them on a three dimensional moving canvas that's built to reject you're attempts at changing it.  Without benefit of an eraser.  The margin of error is slim, and the insular violence of the instruction makes it all the more memorable.  


Egyptian comic book artist Ahmed Raafat spells out the weirdest of all possible design dilemmas; swapping back and forth between Arabic and English audiences.  He's the most professional person I've had the good fortune to encounter in the comic business and he's now hard at work with a return to his roots for the Egyptian superhero book El-Osba.


And since it's launch week I'll give you one more.  Based in Malta, Vanja Obscure is currently on tour with her death metal band MartYriuM.  She had a few words to say about her song writing process and the give and take with her creative control in the music industry. I found her to be the nicest and most beautiful growling Satanic monster that I've ever interviewed.  

Next week

It's fresh art and stale murder.  It's giveaways, behind the scenes and Ask Me Anythings. All this and more coming up on the Comix Voodoo Hayride.



Creating art is the one thing I need to keep from going crazy.

Creating art is the one thing I need to keep from going crazy.